International women’s and human rights organisations call on the Hungarian Minister for Justice Dr. Tibor Navracsics to urgently review the case of dr. Ágnes Geréb and to closely monitor the trial commencing December 6th to assure she will receive a fair trial.

The international organisations involved are:

Frontline Defenders, Dublin, Ireland
Center for Women’s Global Leadership, New Jersey, USA
INFORM Human Rights, Colombo, Sri Lanka
MADRE Women’s Human Rights, New York, USA
Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, San Francisco, USA
Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights, Manila, Philippines

In their letter the signatory organisations express their concern that dr. Geréb will face the same discriminatory court procedures as experienced previously, and believe that unless the factors they cite are addressed she will not be able to receive a fair trial.

They call on the government to recognise that dr. Geréb or any other Hungarian midwife, should not have to automatically face criminal investigation when defending their birth actions and instead recommend that the EU wide approach of using the services of professional midwifery investigation committees be adopted.

They also remark on the State’s continued aggressive stance towards Hungary’s foremost defender of women’s rights, highlighting her imprisonment under severe house arrest conditions for more than 770 days without trial, and the bringing of criminal charges against her on December 6th in spite of the fact that all the parents in the cases cited are fully supportive of dr. Geréb.

In concluding, they refer to Hungarian President Áder’s statement of October 8th where he acknowledged dr. Geréb’s contribution to homebirth and the rights of birthing mothers in Hungary. The President also emphasised the importance of justice and lawfulness in Hungarian society and in echoing his sentiments these organisations called on the Deputy Prime Minister to urgently review the case of dr. Geréb and to closely monitor the upcoming trial.