dr. Agnes GerebAgnes Gereb is the pioneering Hungarian midwife and gynecologist who today needs your help. She has spent 40 years making Hungarian maternity services better, for mothers parents and babies, in hospital and at home. She champions the dignity of the birth process for all.

Unfortunately, she has also been at the forefront of receiving unfair and unequal treatment in being singled out for prosecution for birth incidents, which would not have had better outcomes in hospital. Now she faces 2 years in prison. Instead of imprisonment we hope that this will be the moment to find reconciliation and rehabilitation for her within the Hungarian medical community. It is her natural and rightful place. 

We look to President Áder's guidance, in his role as protector of all Hungarian citizens, and through the esteem of his Office to provide the opportunity for Dr. Gereb's unmatched experience and unique knowledge to be once again actively at the disposal of the entire Hungarian birthing community. We would very much appreciate if you would go to the following link to sign the petition: