Dear President Ader,

I/we are writing to you to support greater dignity and fairness in birth in Hungary. 

I/We feel deeply that the woman who has contributed most, of all Hungarians to this, Dr Ágnes Geréb, was unfairly singled out for prosecution because of incidents which would not have had a better outcome in hospital.  When the same outcomes arise in a hospital setting the doctors involved are investigated through an entirely different process to Dr. Gereb, which has been unfair and disadvantageous to her. Dr. Gereb's 40 year career attending some 9,000 births in hospital and at home, makes her the most experienced doctor/midwife in Hungary today.

I/we ask you, respectfully, as Head of State to do all you can to keep her out of prison, fully rehabilitate her reputation, and ensure that her vast experience, knowledge, and skills remain at the disposal of Hungarian women and families in the future. Birth directly affects 270,000 Hungarians each year (babies, mothers, and fathers), and indirectly many more.

A healthy and happy society begins with the joy of a healthy, positive and dignified birth.

Yours faithfully etc.,

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